Tukole To Put “Waasi Waasi” To Death

The relationship between handymen and their customers is many times a dysfunctional one. Customers give tasks from a sense of deep trust. They assume their service providers will take it with utmost urgency. But alas! From one person to another,

UPSKILL: Solving the employment problem with digit...

Youth unemployment has persistently garnered concern worldwide and it’s constantly placed on development and poverty eradication agendas. Studies have indicated that out of the 470 million people worldwide who are unemployed, over 75 million are youth between 15-24 years (UN,

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“Tukole” Labor Market Place bridging the gap...

Despite the increasing number of students that enroll for higher education in Uganda, the challenge of unemployment has still persisted. For example, enrolment for education attainment at tertiary level is estimated to be about 259,000 (Male 56%; Female 44%) students

Next Wave is a market-led 5yr intervention addressing the key ecosystem challenges of youth job creation in the Ugandan marketplace.