Puzzles: Banya’s Innovation For Tourism And ...

Emily Banya is a 25-year-old woman who takes immense pride in being Ugandan and African. This national and continental pride sprung from her travels when she flew from Uganda to South Africa for her education. As a foreigner in another

How agritourism can reshape the economy.

Known for its rolling hills and fair weather, it is no surprise that the south-western region of Uganda is dotted with lush gardens and cattle grazing serenely on the hillside. From crop to livestock farming done primarily on a subsistence

Agriculture and tourism meet at The Innovation Vil...

A buzz of excitement and intrigue hovered in the air as hundreds of agriculture and tourism enthusiasts made their rounds at the various stalls of the agritourism expo organized by The Innovation Village Mbarara. Right from farm produce that has

Next Wave is a market-led 5yr intervention addressing the key ecosystem challenges of youth job creation in the Ugandan marketplace.