The scent of leather and shoemakers glue fills the air of the workshop where we find 28 year old Asiat Gamba and many young faces working away in the heart of Mbarara City, western region of Uganda. Theirs is a

THOMAS VAVA: Why Are We Not Bothered About Environ...

During the lockdown in June 2020, Thomas Vava discovered that he could create portraits using polythene, and he started a movement for environmental conservation. Born and raised in Agago district in Northern Uganda, Thomas Vava spent the first ten years

Leather Beam Dancers
LEATHER BEAM DANCERS: A Silver Lining In Gulu’s ...

2020 has been a challenging year for the different sectors of the economy, due to the measures put in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. For a sector that is highly dependent on bringing together large numbers of

UPSKILL: Solving the employment problem with digit...

Youth unemployment has persistently garnered concern worldwide and it’s constantly placed on development and poverty eradication agendas. Studies have indicated that out of the 470 million people worldwide who are unemployed, over 75 million are youth between 15-24 years (UN,

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“Tukole” Labor Market Place bridging the gap...

Despite the increasing number of students that enroll for higher education in Uganda, the challenge of unemployment has still persisted. For example, enrolment for education attainment at tertiary level is estimated to be about 259,000 (Male 56%; Female 44%) students

Patience adorned in colourful beads
Patience Nabaasa’s Ecofriendly solution to the e...

“Did you know that 80 percent of Marine life is lost due to plastic waste?” Patience’s question rings through the Innovation Village Space in Mbarara as she takes the floor to pitch. Patience is adorned in a long string of


The Uganda Bureau of Statistics in 2018 reported that male youth are more active in the labour market with a higher labour force participation rate of 66% compared to the 50% for the women. This significant difference in percentage indicates that

Young women making face masks
Celebrating heroes in the fight against COVID 19; ...

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of COVID 19 as a global pandemic in March 2020 and called upon all countries to develop comprehensive strategies for the prevention of infections, lifesaving, and minimization of the COVID 19 impact. 

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Leather Beam Dancers
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Next Wave is a market-led 5yr intervention addressing the key ecosystem challenges of youth job creation in the Ugandan marketplace.