Bitum Is Reviving His Dreams Through Tukole

Even though Steven Bitum is clad in a green Tukole Uniform in a corner of The Innovation Village all day, his occupations switch through the day.  A cleaner by day and an enrolled University student in between the cleaning breaks,

Dance-preneurship: How Atugonza is breaking barrie...

At sunset in the last rays of the golden hour, the innovation space in Mbarara is flooded with music that will not leave one in their chair. To address this effect, the open co-workspace is transformed into an auditorium as

Mbarara’s Ariho hoping to change the future of f...

There is a young man in Mbarara changing the idea on how to access food. “What we do is fast and convenient food delivery,” Bill Miles Ariho says, “We approached a number of restaurants, they availed their menu and we

Tukole To Put “Waasi Waasi” To Death

The relationship between handymen and their customers is many times a dysfunctional one. Customers give tasks from a sense of deep trust. They assume their service providers will take it with utmost urgency. But alas! From one person to another,

Tukole; Where Service Seekers and Blue-Collar Prof...

“The Tukole Uniform alone is a statement in and of itself, out there in the field it means that I am backed by a big brand and therefore I can be trusted with a task since there is a brand

THOMAS VAVA: Why Are We Not Bothered About Environ...

During the lockdown in June 2020, Thomas Vava discovered that he could create portraits using polythene, and he started a movement for environmental conservation. Born and raised in Agago district in Northern Uganda, Thomas Vava spent the first ten years

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